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Who uses Sugarmark?

All those who either grow, process, use or represent sugar - sugar industry associations worldwide & sugar manufacturers for example.

Use of the Sugarmark is controlled by strictly applied standards, and is reserved for members of Sugarmark International.

Full membership is available only to sugar producers, processors, distributors, merchants packers and brokers. However, food and drink manufacturers, whose products use sugar as the sole sweetening agent, may also join as User Members. Associate and Licensed memberships can also be agreed by the Sugarmark Directors if the appropriate criteria are met.

Under no circumstances may the Sugarmark be associated with products containing artificial sweeteners.

Its application is strictly monitored, and legal action may follow any unauthorised use.

Both classes of membership are subject to the payment of an annual subscription, as set by the Sugarmark Directors.

How can I use the Sugarmark? 

As a member organisation of Sugarmark International, you can employ the "sweet spoonful" logo in every aspect of your marketing and business communications :

  • on packaging
  • on documentation
  • in your advertising and point-of-sale material
  • on promotional gifts
  • in sponsorship and special events
  • on your dedicated transport and factory buildings

In fact, anywhere that helps to tell the world your products bring the benefits of natural sugar.

" Pure, natural, safe, delicious. Four wonderful words for sugar. Sugarmark, if displayed well and consistently, can say them every time it is used."

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"Sugarmark naturally good for your business"

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